OSCE – Mock OSCE 1

What we covered in the mock!

Station 1: Cardiovascular Exam

To do well in this station you would need to:

  • be fluent and efficient in the  structure of a cardiovascular exam
  • be able to identify and present findings on an exam that would point to an MI
  • be able to interpret an ECG. Interpretation involved being aware of how the different leads correspond to reading electrical activity in different regions of the heart

Station 2: Difficult consultation

During this station it way important to identify the patients motivation behind their attendance early on to allow you to fully manage their expectations within the timing.

The patient attended clinic hoping to be prescribed antibiotics for her sore throat. 

To do well in this station you would need to: 

  • be aware of CENTOR criteria
  • have good techniques to allow you to deal with an angry patient

Station 3: Neurological history

The main purpose fo this station was to identify students that were fluent in headache histories.

To do well in this station you would need to:

  • be able to rule out red flags in a headache history
  • be aware of signs that point to meningitis
  • be familiar with the epidemiology of meningitis

Station 4: Respiratory history

This station involved taking a comprehensive respiratory history

To do well in this station you would need to:

  • be aware of the constitutional symptoms, and manage patient concerns around experiencing these
  • know the causes of haemoptysis
  • be familiar with the pathophysiology of lung cancer

Station 5: Mental health act

This station involved being aware of sectioning, and the laws that guide this. 

  • What does it mean to be sectioned
  • What are the implications of being sectioned
  • How long do sections last
  • What can you legally do when a patient has been sectioned

Top tip: when preparing refer to resources like mind.org.uk written for patients and their families. This will help use patient friendly language when faced with these scenarios in OSCEs!

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