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What is Study Hub?

Study Hub is an online platform created to support the diverse facets of healthcare student learning all in one place – from educational support to advice about managing your finances as a junior doctor. Study Hub aims to act as a central linking point for healthcare students and professionals to pool their skills, resources & knowledge together to develop a mutually beneficial community of tutors and students. Study Hub offers students open access to medical education that is accessible anywhere and anytime. We are a platform created by students for students.

Our Story

Study Hub was founded by Savannah back in March 2020. This was the peak of the pandemic in the UK. For those of you who were with us back then this site may be more familiar.  We thought it would be nice to keep the original page up and running (for now at least) to serve as a constant reminder of how we started. Nothing embarrassing, everyone starts somewhere! 

So back to where and how we began… Study Hub initially began as an idea to help a small number of St Georges University of London students through exams. Almost overnight, Study Hub transformed into a revision platform with the main aim of assisting St George’s students with studying from home during the challenging times the lockdown period presented. We did this by delivering highly interactive and engaging webinars with plenty of Single Best Answer questions and revision tips!

The idea to develop the platform further came from the hundreds of feedback forms that we received. We are eternally grateful to our members. The idea behind Study Hub is you. By telling us what you wanted and how you wanted it, our incredible team have been able to create a platform to address those needs. 

We hope to use Study Hub to revolutionise the way healthcare students access learning material, but we also want to recognise that healthcare students are human too. We want to provide a sense of community through a platform created by students for students.

We still listen! Your opinions, feedback and comments are at the heart of what we do. So keep it coming, help us continue to develop this platform to keep it fresh and in line with the needs of healthcare students! 

Don’t worry, you never need to out grow us! If you start your own project join us as a collaborator, or join as one of our educators!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a community where we all come together to help each other.  

Centralising Resources

Our peer educators and collaborators also help to embody this compassionate environment by centralising resources and opportunities. We plans to become the link to showcase the work of our invaluable partners.

Providing Opportunity 

We hope to facilitate peer-to-peer teaching and learning that gives our more senior students and allied junior doctors opportunities to get involved with teaching.

Tailored Revision

Starting with St Georges University of London, Study Hub’s own courses intend to produce study material that is specific to the learning objectives and projects of our members’ medical schools, soon to extend across the UK.

Recognising that Healthcare Professionals are Human too

At Study Hub, we emphasise the importance of recognising that healthcare students are human too. We want to provide support in all areas – from meal prepping to revision techniques to mindfulness! Our network consists of students and healthcare professionals from all different levels and backgrounds, for variety and maximum benefit to you.

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Hold Your Horses!

We’re making some BIG improvements to the Study Hub site in time for the next academic year. Be sure to follow us on social media for progress. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

See you soon,
The Study Hub Team

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We’re working hard behind the scenes to create the best range of products for you. Expect everything from scrubs to stationary availible to purchase this Christmas!

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Our platform wants to centralise resources. Addressing all your needs as a student…

To achieve this we need your help! Please share with us any resources you find useful, and feel other healthcare students should be aware of. Share as many as you possibly can.

Please include a link to the website where the resource can be accessed, and a brief description of why you are recommending we include it in our resource section.
These can be resources for study, or more supportive resources e.g. mindfulmedic.co.uk. But it can also be links to good sites to access cheaper equipment needed as a student e.g. Medisave.co.uk. Or even places that do awesome student discounts… 

In other words share with us all the awesome things you wished were shared with you much earlier than they were!


Coming Soon!

Our platform wants to recognise healthcare professionals are humans too!

To achieve this we want to provide support in all areas, not just your revision – from meal prepping to revision techniques to mindfulness! This October we will be joining forces with some incredible people and organisations to name drop a few:

Mindful Medic






The founders of BiteMedicine

Tom Watchman founder of Zero to Finals

If you feel you have something to contribute to this section, please get in touch with our collaboration team.

Coming Soon!

Our platform wants to become a supportive community!

To achieve this, we want to work with students and professionals who have developed their own study materials they wish to share with the wider community! On 28th September this section will go live and will give you access to all the materials that have been shared with us. Currently we are compiling resources provided by St Georges University of London’s finest, the BNOCs:
  • Ramzan Bilal
  • Matt Anson
  • Rap the top 100
By 28th September we hope to have materials provided from more contributors from universities across the UK. If you feel you have something to contribute to this section get in touch with our collaboration team.

When sharing your materials with us, we want to make it clear that you retain all intellectual property rights and receive full recognition the work is yours!