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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all thanks! We want to make it crystal clear, we are here for you. No strings attached.

But running this is not cheap – and by this we don’t just mean money directly… time is money too and lots of time is put into this by students and professionals who share our mission. So if you would like to give back or support we would be grateful donation of your time or money.

Study Hub is a registered business, but that doesn’t have to mean we are in it for the £££.

We want the platform to be sustainable, not just around for a year or two! Money will always go back into developing and maintaining the platform. We will also reserve a spot for rewarding the incredible people that keep the platform going. 

You can choose to direct any donations just for this purpose or just for the purpose of maintaining the platform. 


Whilst Study Hub runs their own revision series that is mostly tailored towards addressing the needs of St Georges students, we have collaborated with many organisations that are offering sessions applicable to medical students across the UK. Check out our collaborators here


We want to expand our own revision course across the UK! So please do get in touch if you or someone you know is keen to help us do just that! Even if its just to give us advice on how we can adapt our current ways to suit your school more, or linking us with educators familiar with your curriculum. Get in touch using the emails above!


Whilst the focus is currently on medical students, the founder of Study Hub and many people on our team have backgrounds in other healthcare related areas. Study Hub intends to expand to meet the needs of those courses! If you like what we do, and are keen to see it translate to support the needs of your course get in touch.

You most certainly can!

We want to become a platform that attends to all the needs of a healthcare student. We are open to suggestions, and are happy to make suggestions of our own to help you help us develop our platform.

This is where it gets tricky! But we want to make it a simple as possible whilst remaining completely transparent.

If you choose to collaborate, the work you do will be promoted as and seen as your work. You would have all rights over that content, however, we do ask you sign agreements to keep it available through our platform for agreed periods of time. 

If you choose to bring an idea to us, that you would like Study Hub to assist in developing we would most certainly give you all credit for your work, however, the content would be ours. We want to help students develop so we wouldn’t ever dream of creating barriers. All this would mean is that the work is branded as our own (with you recognised as content creator/lead of the project), and you would need to inform us, before this work is made accessible publicly through any other platform.

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It’s the BEST way to stay up to date with everything we’re doing. Expect session timetables, news, deep dives and competitions delivered fortnightly!

Live Session Help

Sorry to hear you’re having issues getting into the session. We don’t want any of our hublings to miss out on the fantastic information that’s being shared.

Please try these steps:
1. Try clearing your browser cache (Ctrl + F5/ CMD + Shift + R) .
2. Try opening the page in an incognito/private window.
3. Audio issues on Apple products: Please ensure ringer volume is on when connecting to computer audio.
4. If none of these work please use the zoom link below to access the session for now and please fill out feedback form on this page explaining what happened after the session so we can improve.

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Shop Coming Soon!

We’re working hard behind the scenes to create the best range of products for you. Expect everything from scrubs to stationary availible to purchase this Christmas!

Coming Soon!

Our platform wants to centralise resources. Addressing all your needs as a student…

To achieve this we need your help! Please share with us any resources you find useful, and feel other healthcare students should be aware of. Share as many as you possibly can.

Please include a link to the website where the resource can be accessed, and a brief description of why you are recommending we include it in our resource section.
These can be resources for study, or more supportive resources e.g. But it can also be links to good sites to access cheaper equipment needed as a student e.g. Or even places that do awesome student discounts… 

In other words share with us all the awesome things you wished were shared with you much earlier than they were!


Coming Soon!

Our platform wants to recognise healthcare professionals are humans too!

To achieve this we want to provide support in all areas, not just your revision – from meal prepping to revision techniques to mindfulness! This October we will be joining forces with some incredible people and organisations to name drop a few:

Mindful Medic






The founders of BiteMedicine

Tom Watchman founder of Zero to Finals

If you feel you have something to contribute to this section, please get in touch with our collaboration team.

Coming Soon!

Our platform wants to become a supportive community!

To achieve this, we want to work with students and professionals who have developed their own study materials they wish to share with the wider community! On 28th September this section will go live and will give you access to all the materials that have been shared with us. Currently we are compiling resources provided by St Georges University of London’s finest, the BNOCs:
  • Ramzan Bilal
  • Matt Anson
  • Rap the top 100
By 28th September we hope to have materials provided from more contributors from universities across the UK. If you feel you have something to contribute to this section get in touch with our collaboration team.

When sharing your materials with us, we want to make it clear that you retain all intellectual property rights and receive full recognition the work is yours!