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Savannah Holness

Study Hub Founder

Savannah takes the meaning of the word organised to a whole new level. Compliment her on this, and be prepared to listen to a 10 minute speech on how this is all a facade, and really her life is absolute chaos! But hey, behind every culinary masterpiece is a kitchen that looks like a war zone!

Savannah’s mum would say that she never just does a task, she always has to extend it. Her mum has seen her through several charity events, as an example of her habit, one event begun as bake sale in the school playground and ended as major newspaper worthy three-course charity dinner! Bringing us to Study Hub. 

Those of you that have been here right from the very beginning, will know this was meant to be a be a temporary fix to help students through exams during lockdown. Well, here we are now.

Savannah Holness

Tom Churchill

Creative Management

Tom is a seasoned graphic designer and web developer with over 6 years of industry experience and a passion for helping businesses establish a professional presence. Having worked in design, social media and web development he is constantly learning and enjoys the challenges of the ever-changing digital landscape.

Previously graduating with a degree in Biomedical Science and now currently studying medicine, Tom created the branding and website for Study Hub.

Tom Churchill

Samuel Welch & Simi Sodeinde​


Sam Welch

Hello! I’m Sam, I’m in my penultimate year of medical education. I’ve decided to try medicine after trying too many other things; before joining the GEP program at St. George’s University of London my previous degree was in English Lit (What can you do with a BA in English?). Savannah’s Study Hub got me out of T-year, and I’m very pleased to be helping her now bring it to as many medical students as possible, ideally forever. If you’d like a drawn-out afternoon, ask me about Literary Theory!

Simi Sodeinde

Simi developed her passion for medical education, event planning and administration over the past three years through her work in various university and charity-based roles. She enjoys partnering with external organisations on engaging and mutually beneficial projects and is highly experienced in sponsorship liaising, finance and procedures.

Currently a final year medical student, after having obtained an intercalated BSc, Simi helps maintain sponsor relationships between external bodies and Study Hub, ensuring the adequate exposure and representation of the latter.

Muhammad Akram


A consultant business manager in General Practice and managing director of Executechnical Ltd. Worked on various digitalisation and improvement projects across North West, Central London and Hammersmith & Fulham CCGs.

Holds a Batchelors degree in Medical Engineering and currently studying medicine as a postgraduate. Currently working alongside the Study Hub family and offering general advice and support to the Web Development team.

Jonathan Khadine​

Media Lead​

Viewing sleep more as an inconvenience than a necessity, Jonathan has been involved in various and seemingly unconnected fields since leaving school. He spent the first two years at George’s involved in many societies, trying his hand at rowing, choir and the Games Society. Finding a deep passion for programming and computer graphics, he spent most of his third year rapidly spiralling into a pit of JavaScript and energy drinks that led him inevitably to serve the Students’ Union working on its website. 

Academically, Jonathan has long-standing commitments to the Neuroscience Society and the dissection room, in which a piece of him will always remain. Since being trapped indoors by the Challenging Times We Currently Face, far away from dirt trails and dubstep raves, Jonathan has spent his time working on various programming related projects. 

Largely a video editing and production role, Media Lead serves the project as a generator and moderator of content. Though the majority of content is generated by the contributors giving lectures and so on, it is the Media Lead’s job to ensure uniformity, and to generate other media for publicity and flavour!

Jonathan Khadine

Niko Adesina-Georgiadis

Content Strategist

Currently a P (4th) year medical student at St George’s while also holding an honorary research fellow position in the department of surgery and cancer at imperial college London.


External Advisor

Amy is a sociable and friendly 5th year medical student. She has a strong work ethic, likes to complete tasks to the best of her ability yet doesn’t take life too seriously. She loves Spain, sushi, her skipping rope and spending her student loan on coffees (Soya latte) with her best pals.

Mainga Bhima

Blog Editor

Mainga Bhima is a second-year medic at the University of Bristol. Prior to attending medical school, she worked in radio, children’s book publishing and digital education.

When not blogging or studying, Mainga listens to a lot of podcasts and has recently discovered the joys of indoor gardening. Do drop her a dm if you have any tips on how to care for calatheas…

Tahmin Nahiyan

Content Creator

By developing skills on Adobe Photoshop initially as a hobby, Tahmin was able to achieve a GCSE qualification in Graphic Design and is now a Content Developer for Study Hub.

Her role mainly involves creating visual content for our social media pages, as well as posters for each session. In addition to this, Tahmin is in her fourth year of studying Medicine and has a keen interest in paediatrics.

Tahmin Nahiyan

Maisha Bhuiyan


Maisha is a medical student currently intercalating in Women’s Health, with a keen interest in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, as well as General Practice. With hobbies including filmography, art and writing, Maisha has always enjoyed creating content for other students and runs her own medical blog following her journey through medicine, as well as advice for other medical students.

 She also has a keen interest in education and works as a part-time tutor, as well as a Clinical Skills Tutor at the University. She is currently Vice President of GP Society. Maisha runs the newsletter, promoting events for the fortnight, as well as providing insight into the team at Study Hub.

Maisha Bhuiyan

Aniqa Haque

Facebook Publicity

Fourth year medical student at St George’s University of London, with an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences. Keen traveller, taking 21 flights in the year she turned 21!

Aniqa is in charge of posting all news events, creating Facebook events and responding to any messages, comments or enquires!

Abir Sayed

Instagram publicity

With a keen interest in creative writing, Abir has always enjoyed sharing her stories with others. She currently runs her own blog where she provides an insight into her life as a medical student and offers advice to aspiring medics. She also loves working with children and is currently an Education Officer for the Paediatric Society. 

Abir is the Instagram Content Creator for Study Hub. Her role involves managing the Instagram page, promoting events and answering queries.

Lizkerry Odeh

Instagram Education Content Creator

Hey guys, I’m Lizkerry and a final year medical student at St Georges. I’ve always loved studying (as weird as that may sound!) and am very passionate about everything revision and education. So my role at Study Hub is encouraging you guys to feel the same. 

I plan to make useful educational posts on the Instagram page that are detailed and effective but also fun and easy to remember. I will also be involved in some teaching so you may see my face hear and there!

Caspian Priest

Clinical Medicine Team lead

Caspian is a fourth-year medical student at St George’s University of London and is the Clinical Medicine and Comms Team Lead for Study Hub. He is a GEP originally from Southampton where he completed a Master’s in Research Methods alongside working as the academic coordinator for ophthalmology in Southampton Eye Unit and as a research assistant for the Abreast of Health study. 

Outside of academics he also volunteers with an amazing charity called Streetdoctors and is the producer for the SGUL Medics Revue, the Malignant Humours (a comedy society, but don’t encourage him, he’s not funny – please do come to our shows though!).

Erica Douglas & Paige Wells

GEP1 Year Leads

Erica Douglas

Erica has a background in Genetics which she studied at Edinburgh University. She spent a year before studying Medicine at SGUL implementing Women’s Health education in the third sector and continues to be interested in furthering medical education for the public and healthcare students.

Paige Wells

Paige is a 4th year medical student at St Goerges University. She completed her Undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Birmingham and Masters in Mental Health Research at the University of Nottingham. Her main areas of interest are in Psychosis and Dementia. 

Outside of studying she enjoys getting lost in the countryside with her 2 cockapoo dogs. As GEP year 1 co-lead her main responsibilities are to help organise a weekly teaching schedule and liase with students about any future topics they may wish to be covered acting as a point of contact for the 1st year GEP students.

Jo Cooper

GEP1 Co-Host

Jo is a graduate entry medical student who previously worked as a musician and music educator. When not studying, she may be found drawing, attempting a crossword (future anaesthetist?), or with a fiddle or banjo in her hands. 

As a co-host, Jo is responsible for the smooth running of events for GEP year 1 students. She makes sure everyone feels welcome, deals with any tech issues, and collects feedback to help future sessions be even better.

Pia Talbot

GEP1 Co-host

Pia was a TV producer in news and current affairs before making the leap to medicine. When not swotting in the library with course mates, she’s usually to be found (with raincoat on) hiking or cycling in the great outdoors.

Pia is a GEP co-host, running the educator sessions for the first year, and liaising with hosts and collaborators to help the sessions run smoothly.

Naomi Ehigie & Kian Shendi

T Year Leads

Naomi Ehigie

Naomi is a P year medic on MBBS5 from Surrey and is a keen netballer and fervent cake-lover. Naomi organises the teaching team and sessions for students in T year, sharing any information needed. She is also a point of contact for T year students with any questions.

Kian Shendi​

My name is Kian, I’m a 4th year medical student at St George’s University of London with an interest in forensic psychiatry and philosophy! My role is T year co-lead, where I will be organising a teaching curriculum for 3rd year medical students at SGUL.

Julia He

T year Co-host

Julia is a third year medical student at St George’s, University of London and is a T year co-host. As part of the Clinical Medicine Team, she helps to facilitate the smooth running of sessions and also collating feedback. 

Julia is passionate about student lead teaching and promoting medical education in an engaging way! Outside of medicine, Julia enjoys keeping active through running and playing hockey.

Riya Abraham

T year Co-host

Riya is a third year medic and one of the of the T year co-hosts for Study Hub. Her role involves assisting in live events by introducing speakers, troubleshooting and gathering feedback .She is excited to be part of an initiative that encourages peer learning and creates a community where students support each other. 

Her other interests include binge watching K-Dramas, getting involved in university dance shows and doing random courses on Skillshare.

Luamar Dolfini & Samar Babiker

P-Year Leads​

Luamar Dolfini

Luamar Dolfini is a final year medic with a biomedical science BSc (Hons) degree. She has experience in teaching, leadership and management as well as being a keen amateur baker. Together with her co-lead, she hopes to make P year a manageable, organised and ultimately enjoyable year for the incoming students.

Samar Babiker

Samar is a final year medical student at SGUL. Outside of uni, she is an NHS clinical entrepreneur and cofounder at vrcalm, a virtual reality company. As a P year co-lead, the role is to create and deliver a plethora of sessions throughout the academic year that helps students build on their T year foundation. P year is focused on learning the medical and surgical specialties, whilst bridging the gap between formulating a diagnosis/creating an investigation priority list- to taking it a step further this year and suggesting a safe management plan. 

Centred around the clinical practice outcomes, we will be teaching core knowledge required in order to optimise patient safety and prepare you to be a competent final year. We hope to deliver teaching that will make you feel confident for your end of year YSKT/OSCE and encourage you to maximise your potential.

Nowshin Sultana

P-Year Co-host

I’m very social and approachable, if you have any questions or queries please contact me! I’m also a huge football fan and support Liverpool 

As P year Co-Host, this will involve assisting and moderating sessions for the P year Cohort. This includes helping set up live StudyHub sessions, ensuring notes and presentations are available on the website prior to the session. Additionally, sending and recieving feedback on sessions to help make improvements for the future.

Sandra Osei Kissi

P-Year Co-host

Sandra is a 4th year medical student and a P year co-host for Study Hub. Her role involves introducing, running and closing live sessions, including releasing polls during sessions and sharing feedback forms. She will also try her best to resolve any technical issues during events, should they arise. 

In her spare time Sandra enjoys speaking and learning French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. She also loves doing fine art and teaching herself to play the violin and piano. Sandra is delighted to be working with you all!

Priya Kadam

F-Year Lead

Priya is currently the final year coordinator for study hub, and really pleased to be part of the team for an exciting few months ahead! She is aiming to work you hard in a good way :D…. She was previously the President for the Clinical Neurosciences Society at St George’s (you may know her from there) and has a background as head of Psychology in Education prior to Medicine.

Her interests include Neuro Oncology, which was the subject of her PhD work and she is currently developing herself further with the help of St George’s and Harvard studies. Priya looks forward to seeing you all in class! Bring your brain.

Shahi Ghani

F-Year Co-host

Shahi comes from a background of virology and biomed, but switched over to humans instead of cell cultures. He is really interested in research and finding ways to explain medical concepts in the easiest ways possible. 

He loves teaching people and is always looking for ways to help out. He is really interested in climbing and music outside of medicine.

Samiha Mahbub

F-Year Co-host

Samiha is currently an F-Year at St. George’s. Originally from Bangladesh, she’s passionate about medical education and all things coffee (what medical student isn’t?). 

Her role as F-Year co-host means she’s going to be involved in facilitating many of the lectures given to F-Years and is excited about being part of the Study Hub team!

Beth Ward

Collaboration Team Lead

As Collaborator Lead, Beth and her team arrange sessions with our Study Hub partners – including Quesmed, Zero to Finals and Medilearn – to enable all of these outstanding educators to deliver sessions in one place! 

Beth is passionate about improving the engagement of medical education and reducing the stigma of mental illness – particularly in healthcare professionals and students. She has returned to her final year of medical school following her sabbatical year, as Vice-President for Education & Welfare.

Shilpa Raj

Collaboration Admin

Shilpa is currently a fourth year medical student, having previously graduated from St George’s university with Biomedical Science. She is passionate about working and contributing to women’s health. 

She has also contributed to teaching with secondary schools and so is excited to be involved in medical education. As one of the collaborator admins, she will work with external medical professionals and teachers to help organise regular fortnight teaching sessions and unique one of series.

Aisha Musa

Collaboration Admin

Over the past year, Aisha was one of the Vice Presidents of SGUL Islamic Society, a role that required her to plan, organise and advertise events. Moving forward, she would like to be involved in advancing medical education and helping students with their learning. 

Her role as Collaboration Admin mainly involves organising events, contacting collaborators and doing administrative tasks. Aisha is also a 4th year Medical student, interested in pursuing a career in Neurosurgery!

Charlotte Phillips-Clarke

Collaboration Admin

Charlotte is a T year medical student at St. George’s and one of the Collaborator Admins for StudyHub. She works alongside the Collaborator Lead and Admins to plan lectures and events from Guest Speakers and Collaborators. 

Charlotte previously graduated with a Masters in Biomedical Science. She dabbled in supplying teaching before coming to St. George’s, and also coaches gymnastics! Charlotte keeps organised through her enthusiasm for stationery.

Inayat Khan

Collaboration Admin

I’m an incoming final year medical student at St George’s. I also did a Biomedical Sciences degree here. I’m passionate about peer led education and have worked on a few education projects. 

I like trying out new coffee blends (and shops) and listening to podcasts.

Sofia Hu

Collaboration Co-host

Sofia is a fourth year international medical student at St. George’s University of London and a collaborator co-host for Study Hub. She ensures the smooth running of open and collaborative events along with other co-hosts. She is also responsible for relaying feedback to the team. 

Sofia has achieved a first in her Anatomy iBSc. She also speaks three languages fluently: Chinese, English, and Italian. She is very much an introvert but will happily chat if approached first.

Millie Clements

Collaboration Co-host

Millie is a third-year medical student at St Georges University of London having completed a previous biomedical sciences degree at University of Liverpool. As a collaborator co-host for Study Hub her responsibility is to ensure that our live sessions with guest speakers run smoothly and to make sure that all your questions get answered. Most importantly, she will be collecting feedback during the sessions so we can continue to make study hub as useful as possible. 

Millie also recently volunteered with the student led Covid-19 Response group to support hospital workers at St Georges through the recent challenging times. As part of her role she prepared and delivered care packages and hot meals to critical care staff which she found highly rewarding.

Tara Al-Hamami

Collaboration Co-host

Tara is a third-year medical student at St. George’s, University of London and is a collaborator co-host for Study-Hub. She works alongside our collaborators to run the sessions which aim to help students from all years deepen and consolidate their understanding of medical concepts. Tara is actively involved in running many societies at the university including Arab Soc, Absoc and the Obstetrics and Gynaecology society. 

She is an esteemed ambassador for both AspireMEd and Becoming a Doctor: organisations which aim to widen participation among medical students and aspiring medical students alike. Tara is a student executive, currently in the role of Communications officer for the student union: fostering efficient communication between staff and students at the university.

Micha Vidot

Lead organiser for Redefining Practice series

Micha is a 4th year medical student currently intercalating in neuroscience at SGUL. Over the past few months, she tried (and failed) to teach herself how to paint and now only does paint-by-numbers. In her spare time you’ll catch her cuddling her cat and watching Netflix. She is currently the President for Clinical Neuroscience Society, and invested in trying to help others understand the complex topic that is neuroscience.

Micha is the lead organiser for the Redefining Practice series which is focused on understanding how race can affect a variety of medical conditions, and giving doctors the opportunity to talk about the barriers they faced on their journey to becoming a doctor. She is constantly on the look out for advancements in understanding the relationship between race and different medical conditions.

Madeline Witcomb

OSCE Team Lead

Madeline is a fourth year medical student at St.George’s university of London and is the OSCE lead for StudyHub. She arranges sessions based on clinical examinations, communication skills and history taking scenarios. These sessions allow students of all years/abilities to learn what makes a top student and to practice these skills in a comfortable setting. 

Maddie also runs the Red Cross on Campus group with an enthusiastic focus on mental health education – ask me for more information! She has also run many teaching sessions for those applying to medicine in her own time and is passionate about medical education.

Madeline Witcomb

Navneeta Tiwari

OSCE Admin

She is currently a P year student on the graduate entry programme, following a degree in Biomedical Sciences at St Georges. She is passionate about patient-centred clinical skills and excited to bring this enthusiasm to StudyHub. Outside of medicine she is a keen dancer, having performed at many shows and competitions during her time at St Georges. 

Her role as the OSCE admin is to help with the running of the OSCE sessions. This includes working on the slides for the sessions, organising sign up forms and liaising with educators.


OSCE Admin

Ayben is currently a P year student on the graduate entry programme who previously completed her Biomedical Science degree at St. George’s. She has always been interested in clinical and communication skills, showing as her role as a clinical skills peer tutor at SGUL, and so is excited to be joining the StudyHub OSCE team. 

In her free time, especially since the beginning of lockdown, she enjoys baking. Her role on the OSCE admin team will involve making and editing slides for OSCE sessions, sending out sign up/feedback forms and keeping track of educators and contacting them to arrange sessions.

Simonette Carlton-Care

OSCE Admin

Sim is a P year medical student who enjoys teaching and learning. She is eager to see people excel in what they are called to do. As the OSCE admin, the OSCE lead will be assisted in making and editing slides, preparing and releasing sign up and feedback forms and helping run sessions. OSCE admin is also responsible for keeping track of the educators and contacting them to arrange sessions.

Eesha Tripathi

OSCE Co-host

Eesha is responsible for the hosting and smooth running of OSCE sessions throughout the year.

Natasha Thomas

OSCE Co-host

Hi I’m Natasha, I’m a final year med student who has two years experience teaching clinical skills.

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  • Ramzan Bilal
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By 28th September we hope to have materials provided from more contributors from universities across the UK. If you feel you have something to contribute to this section get in touch with our collaboration team.

When sharing your materials with us, we want to make it clear that you retain all intellectual property rights and receive full recognition the work is yours!


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Mindful Medic






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Tom Watchman founder of Zero to Finals

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These can be resources for study, or more supportive resources e.g. But it can also be links to good sites to access cheaper equipment needed as a student e.g. Or even places that do awesome student discounts… 

In other words share with us all the awesome things you wished were shared with you much earlier than they were!


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